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By Precious Seronga

Birds of Africa Kimono

Birds of Africa Kimono

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The Birds of Africa Kimono has been on display from London Fashion Week to London City Hall to the Central Saint Martins galleries. This piece is a work of art, with each bird illustrated individually, including the 

African cuckoo, White-cheeked turaco- found in Eritrea, Ethiopia and South Sudan. Love birds- native to Sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar Red-billed Firefinch- native to Sub-Saharan Africa Lilac breasted roller- found in Sub-Saharan Africa

Additionally, The Kimono has split cape to represent bird wings and is made from faux silk providing a flowing drape and luxurious feel.

100% Polyester, 85 gsm. 

Printed in the United Kingdom. Made in London. 

One Size. Only one available. 

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